Coaching Hub

The CPP Coaching Hub


The Coaching Hub at the Centre for Positive Psychology at BNU focuses on developing a coaching culture to help university staff and students learn and develop. It also provides coaching courses, resources, and support for external organisations to develop their clients and employees.  

The overall visionis to help individuals, teams, and organisations to develop and reach their potential and improve their wellbeing, specifically within their learning environments and/or working lives.


The aim of the Coaching Hub is to apply the science of Positive Psychology to coaching learners and employees to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals. This aim is achieved through offering coaching from our pool of coaches at the Centre, all of whom meet appropriate professional and ethical standards (see below) and follow the approaches adopted by the Centre for Positive Psychology at BNU (see below).

Approaches for Coaching at the Positive Psychology Centre

“Positive Psychology Coaching is a combination of person-centred dialogue and appreciative coaching processes supplemented with compatible positive psychology interventions, tools and/or measures to support coachees through meaningful and constructive change in important life domains”. Ceri Sims, 2018.

Coaching at the Centre for Positive Psychology involves bringing the science of Positive Psychology to Coaching by adopting the following approaches into its practice:

  • Believing and being committed to treating all coachees as inherently growth-oriented when offered the right supportive conditions – Coaching involves active and constructive listening and asking questions to support people to discover and develop their individual potential.
  • Adopting a strengths-based and appreciative coaching approach allows  coachees to feel validated, confident, and motivated to reach their goals and improve their overall wellbeing in their work and learning contexts.
  • Using Positive Psychology tools and interventions flexibly and adaptively within coaching sessions to potentially enhance coaching results (examples might include Strengths questionnaires, Gratitude interventions, Resilience tools, and a range of other resources supported by Positive Psychology research and practice).

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

There are several membership bodies that have created professional and ethics standards for positive psychology practice and coaching.  The coaches at BNU are members of and follow the standards of at least one of the following organisations:

British Psychological Society:  Standards framework for Coaching Psychologists

International Society for Coaching Psychology

European and Mentoring Coaching Council

The Positive Psychology Guild

This list of professional coaching organisations is not exhaustive and our coaches at the Centre may belong to another organisation, such as ICF or Association for Coaching (or perhaps another).  We do not intend to exclude anyone from being involved in coaching at the Centre, as long as they are adhering to a suitable set of professional standards and coaching approaches.  

Dr Ceri Sims, Associate Professor, School of Human and Social Sciences, CPsychol. MISCP, SGCP, Centre for Positive Psychology (Coaching Hub Lead)