Here you will find photos, presentation slides, links, and recordings from our symposia and other events.

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5th Annual Applied Positive Psychology Symposium – 1st June 2019

Download the Programme (PDF) to follow alongside these recordings, slides and images.
Please note that the order of some of the talks/workshops were changed on the day, some talks were not recorded or the speakers opted not to share their recordings/slides. Apologies also for the sound quality of some of the recordings, particularly in Strand A; this was due to a technical malfunction.

Strand A –
Recordings & Slides

Strand B –
Recordings & Slides

1A Talk
Lisa Jones (BNU) – Compassionate Trust
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
1B Talk
Karan Douglas (BNU) – Music & Wellbeing
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
2A Talk
Sarah Smith (BNU) – Wisdom
(Audio – mp3)  (Slides – PPT)
2B Talk
Diane Herbert (BNU) – Creativity in Organisations
(Audio – mp3) * Apologies: the presenter has chosen not to share slides.
3A Talk
Josef Mattes (BNU/U of Vienna) – Spiritual Intelligence
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PDF)
3B Talk
Eleonora Saladino (BNU) – Passion at Work
(Audio – mp3*) (Slides – PDF)
* Apologies: only the first few minutes of this talk were recorded.
4A Talk
Charmaine Sonnex (U of Buckingham) Positive Pagan Psychology
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
4B Talk
Jennifer Martin (UC Cork) – Vulnerability & Leadership*
* Apologies: this talk was not recorded, by request. (Slides – PPT)
5A/B – Flash Presentations
(Margaret Rioga, Ruth Hughes, Fizza Shah, Deborah Smith, & Reece Coker)
(Audio (all) – mp3)
6A Activity
Matthew Smith (BNU) 5 Magic Minutes
(Audio – mp3) – See photos below
6B Workshop
David Rawcliffe & Margaret Rioga (BNU) – PP & Mental Healthcare (Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
7A Talk
Paul Conway (UEL) – Skychology
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
7B Workshop
Brittany Rehal (UEL) – Creating a Positive Classroom
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
8A Talk
Jenna Sinclair (UEL) – The Sea & Wellbeing (Wave Model)
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
8B Talk
Aoife Rice (UC Cork) – Mindfulness in Irish Primary Schools*
* Apologies: this talk was not recorded, by request, and the presenter has chosen not to share their slides.
9A Talk
Lee Newitt (BNU) – Narrative Identity: Building Castles & Cathedrals
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
9B Talk
Steve Bagienski (Goldsmiths) – Magic-based Community Building & Wellbeing
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
10A Talk
Ingrid Kuhlman (BNU) – Wellbeing & Older Icelandic Adults
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
10B Talk
Caralyn Bains (BNU) – Releasing Trauma
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
11A Talk
Urszula Wolski (BNU/Northampton) – Tennis Coaching & Flow
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
11B Talk
Cleide Burgess (UEL) – The Emotional Weight of Losing Weight
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
12A Talk
Angus Meichan (BNU) – PP Youth Football Coaching
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
12B Talk
Ruth Howard (BNU) – Workshops for Parents of Children with Autism
(Audio – mp3) (Slides – PPT)
13A Video Presentation
Sarah O’Flynn (UC Cork) – LEGO® SeriousPlay® & Coaching
(Audio – mp3) (Video Link upon request – email Sarah)
14A Workshop
Vivian Callegaro (UEL) – Neuroepigenetic Yoga (Audio – mp3)
Listen to all of Strand A as a playlist:
Listen to all of Strand B as a playlist: