About Us

This is the website for the Positive Psychology Research Group (also known as the Applied Positive Psychology Lab Bucks, or APPLBucks) at Buckinghamshire (Bucks) New University in High Wycombe, England. We are staff (lecturers on the Bucks MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programme), students and alumni of Bucks New University with an interest in (especially applied) positive psychology research. We also have external collaborations with various other universities and within other organisations, such as in private coaching consultancies, education, social work, and healthcare.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of humanity’s strengths and of how people best flourish in their daily lives. We study topics such as hope & resilience, strengths & virtues, the benefits of both positive and negative emotions, happiness & wellbeing, growth & learning, creativity, engagement, peak experiences, and prosociality (altruism & empathy).

This group is intended as a forum for discussion, collaboration, and support for that research. We meet monthly for updates, and we organise an annual symposium on Applied Positive Psychology in conjunction with the other UK universities that provide MAPP programmes, Anglia Ruskin University and the University of East London, with connections to other positive psychology researchers and programmes at other universities and institutions, such as the University of Northampton, University of Buckingham, University College Cork, Goldsmiths, and the Positive Psychology People/Positive Psychology Learning and Positive Psychology Network as well.

Meet the Team

The core team consists of the MAPP lecturers: Drs Genevieve Cseh, Ceri Sims, Matthew Smith, Lee Newitt, and Piers Worth, and . However, we have connections to former and current MAPP students, professional relationships to the other MAPP programmes across the UK and elsewhere in the world, and associate staff and colleagues who play a role in the MAPP and the PP Research Group.


If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.